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Affiliate Marketing for starters

If you don't have your own online business yet and if you haven't made up your mind to setup your own website and selling your own products affiliate marketing would be the right way to start with, as it does not require that you have your own website up and running.

Where to begin with? Which affiliate programs do allow you to make some income from home?

Basically you have the choice between selling real products or online based services. Selling real products like those from Amazon or Ebay and other online shops, is hard to achieve if you don't have your own website.

Online services or so called e-products are much more easier to start with as the services offer you a variety of opportunities to chose from and you can find plenty of sources where you can start promoting the services where you have signed up as affiliate marketer.

Those services are described at your-website-office.




Home business plan for affiliate marketer

For starters you might just first try one of the common affiliate programs which are included in viral mailers. Join some of those for free, test and try if the entire idea of yours to start your own online business really fits to you. Find out if you have the patients which one needs to succeed, as it is nothing but the same hard work as if you would go to your online job.

Try my very own viral mailer first and take advantage of the free membership. WEM is more than just a mailer, as our members and other owners do share their marketing strategies at our Skype group. Read more about mailers and marketing "Make love not just ads".

Start your online career as Amazon affiliate

As the above mentioned blog already contains a summary of strategies how to succeed with amazon as affiliate marketer, you should go on reading there as well. This page has information for you about Amazon and Co.

Penny Cannon, a private entreprenuer since 2009, is giving away her knowledge and experience. Visit her Blog "Earn as you learn"