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How to increase your eBay shop earnings?

Hi at all of you, who are proud eBay store owners. Did you get effected by the latest changes of eBay policy?

Did you experience a drop of your visits to your eBay shop? If not you are lucky or already an experienced eBay shop owner. You might also be one of the top sellers, who purchased the best spots in your category to be at the top of eBay searches.

Not all of you can afford this. Those of you who feel to be effected, should try to think different. Your eBay shop is available to members of eBay, most of them join directly and start searching for a specific item or service. Then if you are lucky, your item shows up and people will buy directly or place a bid to get your items. That's the way it works and if you have tagged your items properly and your Titles and item descriptions are perfect you will be found. But you have to admit that it is hard to link your eBay store with your own sales page or Facebook fan page. Am I right? How to increase the visibility of your eBay store? You already know that more and more people intend to buy online and find the best offers by surfing through the net. If they are not member of eBay your offers will unlikely show up in search results at Google or other search engines. That's because of the way how eBay constructed their own search mechanism. If you have your own website, you will have much more influence of what the people can find in search engines. This is just a matter of a good search engine optimization at your site and it depends on how you are going to promote you own website.

One easy way to set up your own online shop is the service of hostgator. They do offer a free shopping card script which fits best to you. If you have the choice, I advice you to let them install the latest Drupal shopping card system. This is free open source and you'll need not pay any dime for it. Though it is perfectly designed and perfectly prepared for search engine optimized content. Your own sales page doesn't cost you a fortune. If you purchase your domain and the baby hosting plan of hostgator for 3 years, it won't cost you more than 270 USD for the entire 3 years. A perfect online customer service guarantees that you own site and shopping script works perfect 24/7.

If you do feel not ready for this, there are still more opportunities which you have probably not yet tried to increase you eBay shop earnings.

Free classifieds for eBay store owners

What about free classified advertisements? There are plenty of services outside, which allow you to introduce your items and allow you a link to your eBay shop or online store.

We recently set up a totally free and easy to use classified ad script for you. Even in the free standard version, you can upload pictures of your items, and you are allowed to place a back link to your eBay store or online shop. This feature will remain free.

But her comes the best, which is unique compared to other free classified ad services. We have included a category where eBay shop owners are allowed to introduce their eBay store in general.

You can now post your Items in the category which is best to make the sale, and you can introduce yourself as eBay shop owner. Placing links to your Facebook fan page and to your own online shop if you have them. Not enough, you can place as many advertisements as you like for each of your Items in different categories. And yes, this comes for free. Take a look and be the first in your category and get your ads in front of all who are following you.

Our script is search engine friendly and your eBay store and your eBay items will be found. Of course, this classified script is new, that's why we do allow you to extend your ads up to 1000 days.

free classifiedsAs time goes by, as more people will join and as higher your advertisements will rank in Google's search results. Get into classifieds for free and start promoting your eBay store.

As you might have not known yet, Traffic exchanges and eMail service providers are simply good services to expose your eBay shop as well. There are millions of people who like to make some cash online as you do and guss what? They are real people and you can reach them easy to introduce your eBay shop or online store. Take a look at the Promotion tools. Plenty of them do work for free and will help you to increase the visibility of your eBay shop items.