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Face book friend finder guide

Facebook Fans, take alook how mayn fans it has now!

To find more friends for your Facebook profile or Facebook Fan page, you can do much more as just inviting people from your address books and hoping that people relike your likes.

My Above fanpage has now 120+ fans and we got 3 more bookings for my private rooms which Mary and I are offering, coming through Facebook. So stop telling me Facebook isn't worth to do business with. Click the picture and see my fan stats rising.

Find new friends for your Facebook from all over the World.

This page explains step by step how you can find new friends for your facebook from all over the world. Invite more people to have a look at it and get simply more exposure for your business and your business fan page at Facebook.

How to get more likes and facebook friends?

The facebook interface is based on the idea to network from the inside of facebook. That is the reason that you can not display your Facebook pages in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers which are credit based. If your link will be checked in such helpful tools, it will be denied because of your Facebook page is secured with a https://..... access. That blocks Traffic exchanges and Mailers. But as you know as more friends and fans you have, as more you will gain from the use of Fan pages at Facebook.

If you invest once 20-30 minutes of your time, you can use the high potential of traffic exchanges and mailers. Scroll up and read step by step how you can get more friends or fans to your facebook profile and fan page.

If you are occupied with other work, and you don't have the time to do all by yourself, you should consider to buy Facebook Likes at The Pricing is quite reasonable and you will get results quick.

Need more fans for your Facebook?

Read and follow step by step. Don't you worry everything is free and has no risk at all.

Step by Step new friends for your Facebook

1. Go to your facebook and open your profile or fan page.

2. Take a screenshot as shown at the left side and safe it to your desktop, rename it with a short description and leave it there for now. If you don't have a screenshot software, this one is free to download and easy to handle.

3. Built a free website at weebly, sign up, chose your template and your new site is done in few minutes.

4. Then upload your screenshot to the new created page at your free website and create a link to your Facebook profile or Fan page.

5. If you like add some more content and explain what is your Facebook page about.

6. Publish your new website and see how it looks online. Maybe you'll need to make some adjustments for the size of the picture. If not, copy the URL which contains your Facebook screenshot and now you can paste it into any Traffic exchange or credit based mailer.

7. See your number of friends rising and make sure you accept their friends request.

Facebook Statistic

Amazing the increase of fans, since I started to advertise my Fanpage.

The best free promotion tools to advertise your facebook profile or facebook fan page are explained in our chapter promotion tools.

Do you display Google AdSense?

If you display Google AdSense at your Websites read this.