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How to receive 30 USD

How to get rewarded with 30 USD?

If you start your home business following this 5 steps, you will get 30 USD.

  1. click at the banner of Hostgator and purchase a web hosting package of your choice. Hostgator banner
  2. Setup your own new website at the new host, which you have just purchased.
  3. Sign in using this link, purchase a script of your choice. (Read the chapter Succesful scripts to make a good choice)
  4. Install the new script at your new hosting service ( some scripts will be installed for free)
  5. Contact us and let us know your new URL and your new script. We will then contact you for the details if needed, and after we got paid commission we will send you 30 USD to your Paypal or Payza account.

That's it. This is the way we share our success with you. You can also get a free back link to your new business. ( take a look into our Networking chapter )

There are more free but effective tools for you available. We recommend to use them to promote your new home business.

free effective

Free and effective Tools to start with

Right at the start of your new home business you might prefer free services to advertise your business. Later on you will see which of them have pulled the most new visitors to your business. Since they already brought you some money in, upgrading is possible at any time.

Free eMail services

Millionleads for free is one of the best free tools. No need to upgrade at all. You just read 10 advertisements online and then you can send 5000 Mails every day. ML is a tested and proven source.

email hog guarantees that at least 2% of your eMails will be opened by members. This service is free, fast growing and could even earn you an additional income stream.

Free Traffic Exchanges

Website traffic Hog is a mixture of Traffic exchange and Email service. While you are surfing for traffic you will find some cash prices, eMail credits and guaranteed view credits. You can ask Marty the owner to send eMails on your behalf, and you will find interested people who will like your offer.

Hot Website Traffic is a revenue sharing traffic exchange. The owner shares success and let you get a piece out of the cake. The banner and text ads are very effective at this free Traffic Exchange.