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How to increase GoogleAdSense earnings

Google Adsense is an easy way to earn some money through your websites. Therefor you have to create a site with interesting unique content. If you did and good job at your SEO your page will soon be found in search engines. People will get interested in the additional advertisings of Google AdWord members and might click on them.

Google makes it easy for you, once setup, your AdSense will display related advertisings to your content and you will start earning money through it.

One way to increase your GoogleAdSense earnings is to be found at page 1 in search engines.

Protect your Google AdSense account

Google is very strict if it comes to cheaters, who try to increase their income through methods which are not allowed. Always follow exactly their terms and rules. The Google AdSense policy is easy to understand. Never ever try to break the rules. Google will catch you and freeze your Account forever. You simply protect your Google AdSense account by following their guidelines.

Take advantage of Traffic Exchanges and other online services like Mailer

One thing let me tell you straight rigt away. Do not send Traffic Exchange traffic to your sites which contain Google AdSense. This is against Google policies.

But one can do it indirectly. How you can read at the right side, scroll up and start reading.

How to increase traffic to your Sites if they contain Google AdSense

Read and follow step by step. Don't you worry everything is free and has no risk at all.

1. Built a free website at, sign up, chose your template and your new site is done in few minutes. Or create a new website with your own new Domain, which does not contain Google AdSense. Weebly is a free and easy way, they don't bother people with Ads and do not care about the bandwith you might need.

2. Write some interesting content, place attracting pictures and link those pages to your Domain, which contains the GoogleAdsense.

3. You can then copy and paste the URL of your new website or pages, which you just created with weebly into any Traffic Exchange or eMail service. This does not violate the rules of Google.

4. It also assures that only interested Traffic Exchange members or eMail readers will click to your page.

5. Take advantage of this Viral website traffic script and promote your business for free without being penalized by Google.

The best free promotion tools to advertise your Business page are explained in our chapter promotion tools.