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Networking means work together and share.

But chose wisely with whom you work together and to whom you share your links and ideas.

Social marketing networks like Facebook can be harmful as useful. If you use FB to share your links with your friends, you might loose them because they might have different interests as reading about your products or business talks.

FB is a good promoting tool if you create a FanPage associated with your profile page. You can then once invite all your friends to join you at your fanpage if they are intersted they will do it. So do not force or bother them with too many invitations. Read how you can find more Facebook friends.

Networks like Google Plus, Twitter or Linkedin are made for Marketers. You can use them to your advantage.

Marketers are also welcome at Networkersconnect. A Marketers site only. Chat with them, make friends and build your own group. Invite people to follow you. Share your best marketing ideas and take a look what other marketers are doing to be successful.

BANNER COOPERATIONS are the most convinient way to expose your sites. No reading, No surfing, just purchase as much views you want for your ads, and consider it as done. Join from this link at GTM


Work together and share

If you want other people to take you serious, read their offers, consider to join or make them understand why you don't. At least find a way to tell them that you have read their offer, if available leave a comment or your vote.

Let's start sharing a link

If you have joined one of my offers, started your own site and script, feel free to contact us. We will then share a link to your business and even better we might join and help you promoting your business. You decide.

T-shirt rental is<<< a funny down line building script. It is free and you will even get a free BOnus on top of that


Darn good deals is<<< is a forum where marketers share damn good deals, coupons, free stuff and so on....


Darn good hosting is<<< all you need for your website. reliable and affordable hosting service.

As soon there are multiple links to present, we will add some pages ordered by category. Rest assured your link will stay alive, all what we are asking for is to place a link back to us.


Contact us and let us work together.