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Promotion Tools

Promotion tools to advertise your business

If you just started to built your own business using one of the business plans you should read about promotion tools carefully. Let's assume you have now your own URL plus a script running which is meant to build your own prospect list (down line).

Right at the start you have to make sure that your new Website will be recognized in Search engines. Traffic from google is simply the best.

Start promoting your business with promotion tools like Mailers and Safelists Classified Ads and Traffic Exchanges

Use Splash pages not your direct URL index page to attract people to follow your lead. Splash pages can be created for free. We strongly recommend that you build a website for free and the pages which you have created will be used in all your promotion tools but not in Classified Ads. Classified ads work different. You may also consider to purchase a splash page building script. Use it for your own splash pages and sell it to your down lines.

If you need some help to write eMails which are standing out of the crowd, you can download and use one of our free email templates.


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Advertising ideas for starters and pro's

It is always a good idea to offer something for free. Free useful information's or even a gift are pretty much appriciated. Don't you like "buy one take one" offers? Yes you do!

Never make false promises. If you have proofs of what you are saying, then show them to your visitors. Write reviews about the services and offers and make them part of your advertising strategy.

Simply start reading my make love not ads :) log for Marketers, take some time, don't rush things, Rome wasn't build in one day either!

Blogging is a wise advertising idea at all. Visit other peoples blogs, make comments and leave your URL behind. Look out for related blogs.

If you are using classified ads to promote your business, make sure that you place them into the right category. People who look for a cheap travel deal don't like to be bothered with money making offers, hosting services or whatever.

Be creative and stay focussed at your own business page first. Make sure you fill your down line first, before you send out your advertisement.

Advertising Ideas have to be monitored. Always keep track of the results. If your idea does not bring at least 1 new member out of 10.000 views at your advertising pages. Then you have to reconsider your advertising strategy, or you have to change the content at your splash pages.